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Match custom colors to popular design palettes

Don't eyeball that orange

Don't guess that blue

Get the right color with Nearest Color

You've got a color like #d58400 and you need the best match to that color from your palette.

Get the closest match to any color from your palette: Tailwind, Apple HIG, Microsoft Fluent, Material, or Bootstrap.

Here's an example of what you'd get with Tailwind

Your color


Tailwind yellow-600

(which is #ca8a04)

Nearest Color will be a MacOS and Windows app that will find the right color from your palette instantly – no need to guess or hope!

You enter #d58400 and select your palette. Say you select Tailwind, it tells you yellow-600. You enter lab(80.5% -40 79), it tells you lime-400.

Give it a color in any format: hex, rgb, hsl, hwb, cmyk, lab, oklab, lch, or oklch.

You'll be using the best color science to find the color humans perceive as closest, not just the mathematically closest color.

Nearest Color will be a paid tool for MacOS and Windows – available as a one-time purchase.

Test the Mac App for free on TestFlight

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How Nearest Color works

Watch these videos to get an idea of how you'll use Nearest Color. I'll be adding more palettes before launch.

1. The basics

Look up a color using the hex code. Switch to a different color palette. Pull a slider to compare the input color with the nearest match in the palette.

2. All formats

Use a color in any format, not just hex. This example uses oklch.

3. Color Picker

Use the system color picker to select the color you want to match.

4. Save colors for later

Make your own palette, a holding area for colors for the project you're working on.

Test the Mac App for free on TestFlight

If you think you might want to buy Nearest Color when it's ready, sign up for updates and let me know how you'd use it.

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